Surprisingly Easy Ways To Shape The Perfect Cake

When it comes to birthdays and special occasions, We love making a good cake! Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, spice cake, we’re not ones to discriminate. Any good chef knows the food is more than just taste, but the presentation. As the saying goes, “You eat with your eyes first.” So, let’s give ’em something to look at and eat! We found some easy ways to shape cakes into numbers. This is such a fun way to celebrate a birthday or an anniversary! Go ahead and see how to turn square or round cakes into any number!

Any 1 year celebration is certainly a milestone, and this cake is the perfect way to mark the ocassion. Follow the diagram above to get the perfect “1” cake! Imagine all the ways you can decorate this masterpiece when you’re done!

The number 2 is a little more complicated. You’ll need to round some edges and cut out a small half circle in the middle of the cake, but we’re confidant that you can do it! Plus, how great is it that these shapes can be made with a standard 8×8 cake pan?

If you’re confident in your skills to cut and decorate the first two cakes, then we know you’re up for the challenge of the number 3 cake. For this one, start with a round cake and then cut a circle in the middle and hollow out two little slits. Trust us, it all comes together in the end!

See how each of these numbers come together and see how to make the other numbers in the video below!

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