Mom Used Shake Shack Burgers For Her Baby’s Monthly Milestone Photos

We are living in a world that is overloaded with adorable baby content. It can be hard to even appreciate it anymore. That’s why it is always nice to see someone who has a fresh and interesting spin on the genre. Lindsay Morrison decided to provide us with the sort of baby milestone photos that are bound to stick in your memory.

The photos are one of the cutest things that you are ever going to see. Lindsay’s love affair with burgers has been a topic of discussion since her days in pastry school. Since she was consuming numerous sweets in the name of learning a craft, she needed something salty to offset them. Can you believe that this was the first time that she had ever eaten a burger in her life?

It is hard to fathom someone making it this far without ever trying a burger for themselves. Her love for Shake Shack knows no bounds. She even has photos of the burgers hanging up in her bedroom.

This is borderline obsessive, but if you ever had Shake Shack burgers in the past, you know the feeling. Once she learned she was pregnant, Lindsay knew how she would commemorate the milestones.

The pregnancy photos were burger themed and so was the baby shower. Her son Graham was born on February 5, 2019. From there, it was a no brainer.

Each month, the boy would pose for photos in a white onesie. He would lay down next to a Shake Shack box that contained the number of burgers that aligned with his age. All of the photos were labeled with the same caption: #BabyGrahamburger.

As you can imagine, the photos got more and more hilarious as time went by. Graham even got big enough to start trying to snatch up the burgers for himself.

From the looks of it, this young man is going to be a burger lover just like his mother. Graham even has a photo of a burger hanging up in his room like she does! The family that eats together stays together.

The theme for his first birthday? We will give you three guesses and the first two don’t count. The Shake Shack theme allowed Mom to create some delicious macarons and cookies in the shape of burgers.

Would you like to learn more about this amazing family? Be sure to head to Lindsay’s Instagram page. itslindsmorrison is sure to be one of your new favorite follows.

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