Elaine’s Townhouse From ‘Seinfeld’ Is On The Market – See Inside

If you ever wanted to see the life of a real Seinfeld character, here is your opportunity. The townhouse that was used for the exterior shot of Elaine Benes’ New York City apartment is up for sale. It looks similar on the outside it on the inside, it looks a lot different.

First of all, the building is not multiple apartments, it’s a five-story townhouse that is 4730 ft.² of luxury.

On the interior, you will find hardwood floors, mahogany doors, hand-carved moldings, and eight fireplaces (including marble fireplaces).

Rustic wooden cabinets and beamed ceilings are found in the chefs’ kitchen. It opens to a dining area with a huge window that overlooks the beautiful backyard with a pond and a fountain.

Throughout the home, you will find six bedrooms, four bathrooms, and two half baths. I think the entire cast of Seinfeld could fit into this space easily.

Lori Monson is the current owner. She talked with the Wall Street Journal and said that on occasion, Seinfeld fans will recognize the place.

“Maybe twice a month, someone would walk by, and they’d say, ‘Is this Elaine’s house?’” she told the publication. “I would go, ‘How would you know that?’ It would happen twice a month, maybe, and then once a month. Maybe, I’d say, about 10 years ago, it stopped.”

If you are interested in buying the house, you can pick it up for $8.65 million. It is found in the New York neighborhood of Chelsea. More pictures of the property are available at the online listing.

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