Candid Camera Style Video Shows People Releasing Their Inner Child

In the streets of downtown Seattle men and women in suits bustle busily between offices and train stations as tourists meander along the sidewalks. But, what happens when their day is suddenly interrupted by a playful invitation to play hopscotch?

An experiment from the Youtube channel, Cut, introduced a fun distraction for Seattle adults: hopscotch squares drawn on the sidewalk in inviting colors. The objective was to discover just how many adults would actually play. And the results are very surprising! With each crowd that approaches you wonder: will they or won’t they?

Watch as a surprising number of adults release their inner child when presented with a good old-fashioned game of hopscotch. This fun video below proves you’re only as young as you feel! And, check out the most popular toy the year you were born by clicking “Next Page” after the video.

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