Architects Remodel 18th-Century Scottish Farmhouse Into A Modern Home

Converting old farmhouses into modern places of habitation has become a rather popular trend in the UK over the last several years. Lots of historical farms are getting modern upgrades through barn conversions and farm restructures. Architects Nathanael Dorent and Lily Jencks collaborated together in order to create “Ruins Studio,” which is a gorgeous little 18th century farmhouse that has stunning Scottish countryside views. Their work resulted in a clean, modern-looking residential structure that also ties in the elements of the structure’s past.

It’s no surprise to learn that both Dorent and Jencks won several design awards for their work on the farmhouse, as well as get shortlisted for the very prestigious RIAS/RIBA Award in Scotland.

The exterior of the house mixes elements of the existing structure’s stone base with a modern pitched roof in order to mimic the typical ones found on historical Scottish farmhouses.

“To build within the walls of a ruin enforces the idea that our contemporary occupation is just another layer to be added to the rich history that every site possesses,” wrote Jencks.

By allowing history to flow throughout the structure, the modern finishes don’t look out of place. The interior then gets highlighted with a curvilinear “tube” system of walls, which embraces the stonewalls of a cave and the occupants inside. The interior is broken up by original stone masonry which helps to accent the different rooms – thus creating a historical feel.

“Openings in the existing ruins walls define the location for windows, which, in turn, form the curves of the interior shell,” Jencks explains. “Seen together these layers are like a geode, each one a surprising opposition to the layer that surrounds it, as if grown over time.”

The home also runs on solar power. It was designed to be self-sufficient because of its remote location. The large windows also allow the owners to enjoy the breathtaking views – which cover over 50 miles of pasture – as well as enjoy the chance to dwell within a piece of history.

Oh, my lord would I love to own a home like that. What do you think of the structure? Would you be happy to call this place home? Let us know!

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