School Nurse Shares Helpful Tips For Keeping Your Kids Healthy

Parents can do everything in their power to try and keep their kids healthy. However, you’ll have to send them to school eventually and they are sure to be exposed to germs. It’s essentially inevitable. Schools are breeding grounds for all kinds of sickness, and it sometimes seems like new types of illnesses are being created just to mess with us parents.

Kids are always sharing their toys with each other, and it can also be hard for kids to keep their distance from one another on the playground. Plus, it’s not like the average child possesses the power of discernment. They don’t always know who is sick and who isn’t. That’s what makes these tips so important.

Hand sanitizing is a great start, but it doesn’t function as a cure-all. The World Health Organization is here to offer an important recommendation: When children are washing their hands, they should actually be taking 40 seconds. While 20 seconds is the mandatory hand washing time most of us are familiar with, it is not actually sufficient.

If your little ones are having a tough time keeping track, tell them that they can sing the “Happy Birthday” song twice. By the time they are done singing, the appropriate amount of time will have passed. There’s no rule that says it has to be sung out loud, either. Your children can sing the song in their heads if that makes them more comfortable.

Children who are experiencing illness must also be kept home for the proper amount of time. It can be tough for parents to arrange for extra daycare, but little ones need more time to rest when they are just getting over an illness. Even if they seem perfectly okay, they may still be contagious to all of the other little ones at their schools.

If you would like to learn more about the best ways to keep your children healthy, be sure to check out this helpful video tutorial. School nurses have been through it all when it comes to the illnesses of children. Few people are better qualified to offer this sort of assistance. Take a moment to watch this video and take a moment to pass it along to other parents as well.

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