School Choir Performs Remotely After Their Concert Was Cancelled and It’s Emotional

As schools around the world go to distance learning or old-fashioned homeschooling in an attempt to minimize the spread of Covid-19, their extracurricular activities are also being cancelled. Any gatherings are being curbed right now and that includes school concerts that many of those performing in where really looking forward to. However, one California high school choral group did not let this stop them from performing together and the results are really emotional.

The Chino Hills High School Chamber Singers performed a remote rendition of a song that’s full of meaning for people around the world. The 19 students decided to sing an a cappella version of Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s
“Over the Rainbow”. While this song varies from the version that appears in The Wizard of Oz, it’s still a real tear-jerker for many, including Yours Truly.

It’s made even more touching by the fact that these determined youngsters were not about to let something like a global pandemic stand in the way of their concert. The singers logged on and recorded their voices each in their own homes using Zoom, a virtual meeting application which has been getting a lot more use since governments, schools, and businesses have taken their daily work to the internet in service of self isolation.

The video was posted to the Chino Valley Unified School District’s YouTube page along with a some information about the performance:

“School closures throughout the nation have halted highly-anticipated campus events and activities with hundreds of thousands of students practicing social distancing at home. While the annual Chino Valley Unified School District (CVUSD) Choral Festival—originally scheduled for Wednesday, March 18—has been cancelled, our Chino Hills HS Chamber Singers demonstrated resilience by recording their individual a cappella portion of Over the Rainbow in their separate homes, and through technology were able to appear together as a family again. Their harmonious performance was shared online for the CVUSD community with the goal of spreading hope and cheer during this difficult time.”

See these hopeful kids knock it out of the park in the video below.

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