Woman Finds ‘Genius’ Way To Get Pepper Out Of Shaker Easier Without Taking Lid Off — Using Salt

Just when you think you’ve seen all the life hacks possible, the internet comes along and proves you wrong.

Kellie, a young woman from Oklahoma, was so impressed by her coworker’s pepper shaker trick that she shared it online… and it quickly went viral with tens of thousands of views and counting.

Sometimes, black pepper can form clumps inside the pepper shaker, blocking the holes and making it difficult to shake out. To solve the problem and loosen the pepper, Kellie revealed a brilliant and easy way to get the pepper out without removing the lid. All she needed was its respective salt shaker.

Kellie’s simple hack was to gently rub the bottoms of the salt and pepper shakers together in a circular motion. Suddenly, the ground pepper spilled from the shaker with ease.

“What is this sorcery!?” one commenter wrote. “Mind blown,” another said. “I’m 40 and had no clue.”

When rubbed together, the ridges on the ends of both shakers cause vibrations strong enough to loosen the pepper.

If you ever use this trick at a restaurant, just make sure the shakers are clean and that you hold the shakers diagonally.

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