How To Order The ‘Sally’ Frappuccino Off Starbucks’ Secret Menu

It seems like each week we are writing about a new Nightmare Before Christmas-themed Starbucks drink off their secret menu.

First, we had the Jack Skellington Frappuccino, now we have the Sally Frappuccino to go along with it.

Like most of the Nightmare Before Christmas Frapps we’ve been hearing about, it originated on

The bright green, red, and white concoction resembles the ragdoll’s colors from the iconic movie.

First, you start with caramel drizzled into the cup, filled with a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino and matcha powder blended in it.

Then, you add whipped cream, strawberry sauce, and freeze-dried strawberries (which they call Starberry inclusions).

This drink may cost you a bit more than your average frapp, but we think it is totally worth it especially during the holidays.

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