Sad Elvis Still Delivers Mesmerizing Performance Months Before His Death

Only 2 months before his untimely death, Elvis Presley embarked on a nationwide tour. The bedraggled singer hadn’t been sleeping, or watching his diet, and was already taking a lot of medications. But, that still didn’t stop him from giving stellar performances wherever he went on tour in 1977 despite the hard time he was having mentally and physically.

The King even admits on stage how sad and lonely he is while singing “Are You Lonesome Tonight?”. This has to be one of the most heartbreaking performances we’ve ever seen. However, none of this stopped him from still making jokes and being funny, and from giving his all to his music. It was four years earlier that Elvis and Priscilla had gotten aa divorce, and the pain from that still shows in this clip. Immediately after his death the footage from Elvis’ last tour was aired on CBS, but is little seen these days. Have a look at the stunning performance in the clip below.

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