Russell Stover Is Selling Sour Chocolate Bunnies For Easter And People Are Confused

Valentine’s Day has yet to pass and we are already seeing Easter candy at our local establishments. They waste no time, do they? Russell Stover is just one of the many brands that are in the process of gearing up for the big day. The candy giant is now offering a brand new Easter basket option that is sure to shake things up.

Markie_Devo first shared the new bunnies on their Instagram page. These bunnies are called Sours! and they are sure to make everyone do a double-take this year. They offer a brand new take on a timeless classic: chocolate Easter bunnies. These “sours” combine white fudge with various sour fruit flavors to create a whole new experience.

Cherry, watermelon, and blue raspberry flavoring is used. Stop and Shop was the first store to stock these, to the best of our knowledge. This is where Instagrammer Markie_Devo found them. The comments on the post were absolutely priceless. As you might have imagined, the Internet had a lot to say about the existence of these candies and we understand where they are coming from.

Someone even said that they sounded awful. But, for every hater, there was another heart eyes emoji.

Russell Stover has not provided any additional information about these sour treats online. Perhaps they were supposed to be a surprise? Either way, they are sure to serve as a talking point during your next Easter celebration. They make for an awesome gag gift, but we are sure that there are plenty of revelers who will legitimately enjoy them on their own merits.

If you are looking to play it safe this year, don’t go with the sour bunnies; rather, stick to the classic milk chocolate options that you are accustomed to. A taste test may be in order, though. This is a good way to bring the family together and see where everyone lands on the sour bunny rabbits!

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