Rosé-Flavored Popcorn Will Be Your Go-To Summer Snack

When it comes to our favorite beverages, we would be hard-pressed to rank anything above our beloved rosé. There is just something about it that no other beverage can match. Thankfully, there are various rosé-flavored items on store shelves to enjoy in addition to the alcoholic beverage!

Whether you are looking for rosé-flavored water, ice cream, or cupcakes, there is no shortage of awesome options available to you. The newest item to join this illustrious group has our full attention, though. If you were currently waiting for some rosé-flavored popcorn, you are now in luck.

Candyhunting has the scoop. They shared the news with their Instagram followers and it spread like wildfire from there. Boom Chicka Pop is releasing this new kettle corn and we are already head over heels. Near as we can tell, this popcorn is going to come with pink kernels and that sweet taste that you know and love.

The floral, fruity flavor of rosé is a perfect match with the saltiness of popcorn. Those of us who love to mix and match our flavor profiles are already getting excited. We cannot wait to have a bowl with our next glass of wine.

They are currently leaving us all in suspense regarding the release date! If we had to guess, this popcorn will be on store shelves by the time the weather starts to turn. We need our pink wine fix and we need it now.

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