Rob Lowe Waters His Christmas Tree With 7UP To Keep It From Drying Out

If you are anything like us, you are probably wondering how you are going to keep your Christmas tree looking its absolute best. It can be tough to keep the tree from looking old and withered as the holiday season progresses. These trees are not exactly meant to live indoors. They would rather be outside where they have regular access to the necessary precipitation.

However, Rob Lowe is here to offer us the information that we need. He is providing the Christmas tree hack to end all Christmas tree hacks. We cannot believe what he waters his Christmas tree with but apparently it works! We could not be more excited to try it out for ourselves. He revealed the hack during an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show.

She is always providing a platform for helpful life hacks to be shared. We are forever grateful to her for doing so. She is always looking out for the rest of us. Rob admits that his house is actually his wife’s domain but that does not stop him from getting involved wherever he can. We know that you are in suspense so we are going to get to the good stuff.

He waters his tree with 7UP! Be forewarned, though. You do not want to use 7UP alone. He was sure to remind the audience that they will need to dilute the 7UP with some water before they start dousing their Christmas tree with it. Good thing he made that distinction. We were about to start dumping cans into it with reckless abandon. So why does that mixture work so well?

Photo: Youtube / The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Christmas trees are fond of the citric acid that 7UP has to offer and the sugar that 7UP contains is also helpful to their lifespan. We cannot wait to try out this hack in our own homes. Rob Lowe would never mislead us. His son even admits that this is the one area of the home where his father always remains involved and we are happy to see it.

He may have a phobia when it comes to pine needles but he does not let that stop him from enjoying the trappings of the holiday season. The preservation of your Christmas tree has never been this simple. Please be sure to share this awesome hack with your friends and loved ones. Let’s all pitch in and make sure that each other’s Christmas trees stay beautiful during the upcoming holiday season.

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