The Milwaukee Bucks Have A Reverse-Eating Fan Cam And It’s Grossing People Out

Some people like to watch live sports because they support their teams. I, on the other hand, go to live sports with my boyfriend to eat the food. A nice overpriced cold beer and a footlong hot dog can make me a happy woman. But I recently saw a video on Twitter of fans eating in reverse at the Milwaukee bucks game and I can’t stomach stadium food anymore.

The “Reverse Cam” is just as silly as it sounds. During home games, the Milwaukee Bucks will show a montage of fans eating in reverse. This makes it appear that they are pulling the food from their mouth’s and onto the plates. I think it’s disgusting while my boyfriend thinks it is hilarious. to each their own I guess.

The Bucks have been doing this since last season, but it has only recently gone viral after a video was tweeted out by The Athletic’s J.E. Skeets. It’s really hard to describe it and you’re just going to have to watch it for yourself:

Turns out that The Bucks aren’t the only ones that have a reverse eating camera. The NHL’s Dallas Stars also apparently have a “Snackwards” cam.

We think you are going to see a lot more ‘Snackwards’ cams at sporting events verses kiss cams in the near future.

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