Many Restaurants And Bars Can Now Offer Alcohol Delivery

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting many restaurants across the country but that doesn’t mean it is out of the question to enjoy their food. In some cases, takeout and delivery options are still available. Another announcement has been favorably met by many, and that is the ability of restaurants to sell alcohol when you order it. It sounds wonderful, but the rules are not as simple as you might think.

The State Liquor Authority of New York made an announcement to help keep employees and customers safe while they are working. They said they could sell alcohol to their patrons, but in order to bring the alcohol products to your home, they have to have the proper liquor license. In addition, they are only allowed to sell the type of adult beverages covered under the license.

In order to transport the beverage to your home, they have to comply with the open container laws in New York State and ensure that it is transported in a closed container. When the drink is being transported, the delivery person from the restaurant or a third-party service must have a copy of the liquor license to verify that it is a legal transport.

One other thing to keep in mind is that alcohol cannot be delivered on its own. If you want to have it delivered to your home, you have to order some food as well. Don’t think about this as being something to hold you back from getting the alcohol you want, think about how much you are helping a local bar or restaurant during this difficult time.

You can contact the places that you frequent during the week to see if they are making the service available. During the time that you are self-isolating, it can be a real joy to have a drink delivered and it helps the business at the same time. More information about the guidelines are available at this website.

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