The Edsel Flopped in 1957, But I would Love To Have This Car Nowadays!

Nearly 60 years ago, Ford unveiled what they described as the car of the future. The Edsel, named after Henry Ford’s late son, was the Ford Company’s attempt to expand market share. It came with a year-long marketing blitz including TV commercials, print ads, and an all-star television special starring Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, and Louis Armstrong (to name a few). However, the Edsel flopped, and became a popular symbol for commercial failure. Critics disliked the unique front grill, the price, and the “space-age features.” Production was shut down after just two years, losing nearly $350 million in the process (according to Business Insider).

How many of you remember this car, or more specifically, this failed marketing campaign? We think it would be pretty cool to own one nowadays. Take a look at the following clip from CBS Sunday Morning to learn more about the Edsel.

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