Red Lobster Is Selling Heart-Shaped Boxes Filled With Cheddar Bay Biscuits For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and we are in the market for new and interesting gift ideas. Cheddar Bay biscuits are one of our favorite things on the planet. Until now, no one has come up with a way for these to be offered as a Valentine’s Day gift. Kudos to Red Lobster for finally taking that all-important first step. Their latest promotion will have you giddy.

Heart-shaped packages of these biscuits are now available. We are glad to see it! There is something about these biscuits that are truly addictive. We cannot get enough of them and we love to share them with our significant others. On February 10, you will be able to place your order and not a moment too soon. You do not want your special someone to feel like they are forgotten.

The boxes also come with a quote from Friends, so the Friends fans out there get to enjoy a two for one deal. You are able to write your name and the name of your own Cheddar Bae on them, too. It seems like the good folks at Red Lobster have truly thought of everything, haven’t they? These biscuits can be delivered or even added to your usual order at Red Lobster.

There’s no excuse not to take these bad boys home with you. In fact, your significant other might end up being mad at you if you don’t. Be thoughtful for once and give them the gift that they deserve. Don’t fall into the trap of giving the same old gifts that you give every year. This is your chance to make someone’s day and you cannot let it slip away.

We must warn you, these biscuits are not going to be available forever. They are only around for a limited time and you cannot dawdle. If you have even a passing awareness of how popular these biscuits are, you already know what to expect. These babies are going to fly off the shelves before you even have a chance to know what hit you.

That’s why you need to move quickly and be sure to pass this information along to your friends and loved ones. Don’t allow them to be left out in the cold this year. They deserve to receive the gifts that are truly going to make them happy. Leave the old, tired flowers/candy combo to the boring people out there. The rest of us are going to be too busy enjoying these delicious biscuits from Red Lobster.

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