Woman Made A ‘Raw’ Turkey Cake To Trick Her Family On Thanksgiving

Art may come in many different forms but for one British Baker, cakes and chocolates are her canvas. Her name is Sarah Hardy and when you see what she creates, you might just wonder how she is able to accomplish it. Of course, not everybody is going to want to dig into her sweets. After all, would you eat chocolate that looks like a human brain or perhaps a pig’s heart? Sarah says: “I love what I do. I get to be curious and create intriguing things out of delicious chocolate and this makes me happy. I get to make things that look like things that aren’t tasty… and then they are tasty. It’s a definite thing.”

Hardy has made a name for herself in the baking industry but recently, she made a raw turkey cake that went viral. It sounds just like it looks and many people agree that it is ultimately revolting. “I used to be a sculptor and when I had children I stopped being able to work in the way I had – eventually it just popped out in cake form because with kids you get to have birthday parties. I do love a celebration!” Sarah told Bored Panda.

It may look like a turkey ready to go in the oven on the outside but on the inside is a four-layered sponge cake. It is the buttercream icing on the outside that gives the pinkish skin tone that makes the cake look like a real turkey. “Honestly, I was making weird stuff all the way through my life – you should see some of my teenage sculptures with hair sprouting out of vertebrae and bulbous stretchy feet. But the real reason it got ‘odd’ was probably frustration. I had been making wedding cakes, trying to make real, proper cakes. And I started to add the odd brown petal or insect to the beautiful sugar flowers. I don’t even know if all the brides knew…

Then finally I was fed up with making cakes that looked like what other top designers were doing and made something more akin to a Dutch still life with snails crawling all over – I also love still life and Moments Mori. Beauty and death altogether,” Sarah said.

It looks like a turkey but we can only assume it is delicious.

“When you’re buying chocolate or a cake, you tend to be giving it to someone as a present and you want to give them an experience, not just a taste experience but the experience of surprise and a little bit of joy as well. But most of the ideas are just things that I love. I’m just interested in natural history, internal organs, historical artifacts. If I like it and it’s cool, I’ll just make it edible,” the baker told Art Insider.

Sarah Hardy is a UK based baker who takes on some ridiculous baking projects.

This cake looks authentic and you might be surprised by how hard it is to make. The process takes days and the order would probably cost around $600. “I love being called a genius!” Sarah told Bored Panda. “But it’s not true, I just have funny ideas and am prepared to fiddle for ages until I get the right effect. Many people don’t understand why one would want to make something that looks like a raw turkey… it is admittedly not for everyone.”

One of those projects is the raw turkey cake

Sarah uses dots of marzipan to give the impression of plucked skin. She then ties a string around the turkey’s legs and paints some detail with food dye. Before serving, she pours a glaze over the cake to make it look shiny. If you’d like to try making this cake for yourself, check out this tutorial and video.

Get a better look at the cake in this video:

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