Raindrop-Shaped Tent Lets You Sleep In The Trees While Camping

Camping is a very divisive activity. There are those who cannot wait to become one with nature and there are others who cannot understand why someone would pretend to be homeless.

While camping can provide some nice thrills, even those who are fans of the experience will admit that it does not always provide the best night of sleep. That’s why it is important to make the necessary arrangements.

What if we told you that there was now a tent that was designed to assist you in this regard? Dré Wapenaar is the Dutch sculptor and designer who is responsible for creating these amazing tents.

As a canvas architect, he is aware of the usual limitations of tents. That’s why he created these raindrop shaped tents that will allow you to truly enjoy yourself.

Even the most avid campers out there have never been able to enjoy this type of comfort and safety! You can sway in the breeze while you are slumbering in a tree.

These tree tents let you camp up high and truly become one with your surroundings. Originally, these tents were designed with tree-hugging activists in mind. Why should these people get to have all of the fun, though?

They make a great addition to any real camper’s collection. They were originally designed by Dré over 20 years ago, but their popularity has continued to grow in recent years.

England’s Road Alert Group inspired the product initially. These activists would chain themselves to various trees in order to keep them from being cut down.

According to Dre Wapenaar, “the excessive constructing of highways through forests” is a real problem.

He wanted the activists to be able to remain safe and dry while they fought back against those cutting down trees. Not only are trees being saved by these tents but they are also providing the rest of the world with the sort of camping comfort that they truly deserve.

These products are 13 feet tall and have a 9-foot diameter. The canvas is wrapped around a steel frame, offering the necessary comfort and structure. A family of four is able to fit inside with relative ease. The hardwood sleeping platform is quite roomy and comes with a round mattress. Who else is itching to try one?

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