Queen Mary’s Edwardian Dolls’ House

It’s not everyday that we get to see inside a stunningly well-built dollhouse. This type of creation is a true rarity, usually only seen at museums. The many skilled craftspeople and artists who create tiny dollhouse objects have incredible attention to detail in every aspect of their work and that goes double if the recipient happens to be of royal birth. The dollhouse at Windsor Castle was given to Queen Mary by the people of England as a gift in 1921 and is full of incredible details.

According to Kathryn Jones, Senior Curator of Decorative Arts for the Royal Collection Trust, the dollhouse served as a reminder of what Edwardian life was like. The structure was actually designed by an architect and has running water and electric lights.

The massive, royal dollhouse went on display for the first time at Windsor Castle in 1925 and has been in their collection ever since, with some people remarking that it’s their favorite thing to see at the historic site.

The exquisite dollhouse is complete with miniature crown jewels and expansive, detailed gardens full of teeny tiny blooms. The Royal Collection Trust are responsible for both Windsor Castle and Queen Mary’s doll’s house. They are currently in the process of photographing each perfectly made tiny object in the dollhouse for their website so that people can really see the detail- something which is perhaps lost when it’s displayed behind glass.

Have a look at this quirky dollhouse and how experts care for such rare objects in the video below. Hint: they dust them ever so gently with tiny paintbrushes!

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