5 Effective Ways To Preserve Jack-O-Lanterns

Starbucks just started serving their pumpkin spice latte, which means fall is officially here, despite what the calendar says. It’s no secret we love all things fall, from tasty autumn treats like these pumpkin pecan bars to making our own fun autumn crafts, this is no doubt our favorite season! For those of you who are with us, you know decorating with pumpkins is a must, which brings us to a list of effective ways to preserve those pumpkins so you can keep them out as long as possible.

Silica Packs

The first method is to use silica packets. You know, those weird packets of clear beads you find in the pockets of new coats and the insides of new shoes? Gather a few of those up and pour them on the inside of your jack-o-lantern. If you have a stash of silicon packs, check out this interesting list on different hacks around the house that use silica packs!


The second method to preserve your pumpkin is to rub vaseline all over the inside. Make sure to cover the lid, as well as the cut out portions. This may be a messy method, but it works!

Wet And Forget

Another way to get the most out of your jack-o-lanterns this year is to soak the finished pumpkin in Wet And Forget – a mold and mildew preventing agent. Mix the Wet And Forget with equal parts water and soak the pumpkin for an hour or so. The Wet And Forget comes with a spray attachment, and it is recommended that you spray the pumpkin every few days. Interestingly enough, this treatment ends up making the inside of the pumpkin white – all the more visible with a candle inside!

Clear Coat Sealant

For this tactic, simply spray on a sealant coat of paint on the inside and outside of the pumpkin, making sure to get to lid. You’ll want to use LED lights inside, as the sealant is flamable. You can also switch it up and spray paint your pumpkins fun colors!


This method is much like the Wet And Forget method. You’ll add a half cup of bleach to a gallon of water and let the pumpkin soak for an hour or so. Spray the pumpkin every few days with the bleach mixture to keep it looking good!

Bonus: Preserving Mini Pumpkins

For those who like decorating with mini pumpkins and funny looking gourds, this one is for you! Fill a bucket half way with a half cup of bleach, one gallon of water, and a few squirts of dish soap. Add your pumpkins and fill the rest of the way with water so they are all covered up. Leave them in the mixture for a few hours and rinse them off. This will preserve those pumpkins and gourds all season long!

For more detail on each of these preservation methods, check out the video below!

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