You Can Stay In A Giant Wine Barrel In Portugal And Drink Wine All Day

If your summer getaway happens to be up in the air, you might want to set your sights on Portugal. After all, they have something to offer that you won’t find anywhere else.

Portugal should especially be on your bucket list if you happen to enjoy wine. Simply set your sights on the Douro, where you will find a working vineyard with oversized wine barrels where you can stay the night.

The 280-year-old wine estate, Quinta da Pacheca is responsible for these unique, wine barrel rooms. They are 30 meters each and include a round double bed, private bathroom with walk-in shower, and your own private wardrobe.

The sun reports that you will also be able to enjoy sweeping views of the vineyard from your private terrace. You don’t even have to step outside to enjoy the view, thanks to skylight windows. You have your choice of either enjoying a glass of Vino on the terrace or staying inside to enjoy the AC and Wi-Fi.

Admittedly, not everybody is going to enjoy having a sip of wine, but it is still a vacation you will love. After all, they offer more than red, white and rosé wine, they also offer port.

Douro, known as one of the ‘most famous wine regions in the world’ is home to Quinta da Pacheca. You can book your stay for 190€ (£160) or 205€ (182), including breakfast.

The wine barrels will provide a ‘providing a unique experience of contact with nature and the monumental reality of the Douro Wine Region’. In other words, plenty of wine in a romantic setting: “Unique moments of rest awaits for you in an environment of rurality.”

The Metro reported the following from a vineyard representative: “Quinta da Pacheca created the wine barrels as a bold architectural project of suites to reinforce the originality of the wine tourism offered at the site.

“In an idyllic romantic setting, these wine barrel rooms will provide visitors a unique experience to the nature and significance of the Douro wine region.”

If living inside of a wine barrel for a few days is a little cramped for your style, you can enjoy it all with some elbow room at the Quinta da Pacheca’s hotel.

They offer standard double rooms, superior double rooms, and ‘romantic’ double rooms.

The hotel has its own restaurant, offering a ‘varied and tempting menu’. You can enjoy traditional Portuguese cuisine and of course, some of the best wine that the area has to offer.

All I need to know at this point is, where do I sign?

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