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POOL NOODLE ALERT: Fire Department Issues Warning About Snakes Being Found In Pool Noodles

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This story was passed on by one of our citizens:

Be mindful of where you are storing your pool noodles when not in use. It has been reported that there were a few pool noodles left by the side of a brick wall for some time. The next person to pick up the pool noodles got quite a shock when a rattlesnake popped out of the pool noodle. Luckily, the snake did not attack. However, there were several smaller rattlesnakes inside of the other pool noodle.

After doing some of our own research, we’ve found that there are actually quite a few reports of snakes laying their eggs inside the pool noodle itself or around pool noodles that have been left outdoors near bushes or block fences. (Note: These are not rattlesnake eggs, as rattlesnakes do not lay eggs).


Hopefully, you will never encounter such a scary sight when picking up a pool noodle, but if you do come face to face with a snake, it’s important that you remain calm.

One of the worst things you can do when coming across a rattlesnake is to start panicking. Snakes rely on vibrations in the ground to determine where you are. If you start moving fast and abruptly, you’ll only scare the snake more.

If you see the snake from a distance, make sure to maintain a wide girth around the snake. Give it plenty of space. Just keep in mind that rattlesnakes can coil up and strike at great lengths, so give it as much space as possible.

If you hear a rattle and then notice the snake, you’ve already startled it. Instead of running, stay still. It may be counter-intuitive, but chances are, the snake will stop rattling and slither off after it has calmed down. Humans are much bigger than snakes, so they don’t see any benefit in biting if it doesn’t need to protect itself. They’ll more than likely slither away to safety on their own.

If you have any questions relating to snakes and their behaviors, please contact Rattlesnake Solutions at 480-237-9975.

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