10 Easy Ways To Plate Food Like A Professional

You know the saying, “You eat with your eyes first.” This is one of the first rules they teach in culinary school. It’s always impressive when you go to a fancy restaurant and they bring your food out with an artistic twist. Now, we’re not suggesting you go the extra mile on every meal – providing food for the family is enough of challenge in and of itself. However, it can be fun to spruce up a dessert or a veggie platter for a party or for a special occasion. A lot of these methods are actually much easier than they look. Go ahead and check out our top 10 favorite ways to plate food like a pro!

Powdered Sugar Outline

Isn’t this such a cute and fun way to serve a simple dessert like cheesecake or a cupcake? All you need for this is powdered sugar and some utensils! Arrange the utensils on the plate and then sprinkle some powdered sugar over them. It can help to use a sifter so you get a nice even layer of powdered sugar. Remove the utensils and there you have it!

Chocolate Lines

This minimal approach to dressing up your dessert plate is so fun! Take a chocolate bar and melt one side with a lighter – just enough so it’s soft, without causing too much dripping. Then place the bar on a plate in the design that you want! It’s really just that simple.

Heart Swirls

Isn’t this so cute? It’d be a perfect way to impress your loved ones on Valentine’s day. Grab some white chocolate and a squirt bottle! Melt the white chocolate down and separate a small amount. Add a few drops of gel food coloring to the smaller portion and put it in a squeeze bottle. Pour the large portion of white chocolate on the plate and add little drops of pink around in a circle. Take a toothpick and drag a line through the circle to create hearts! You can place the dessert in the center of the heart circle.

Apple Slicer + Powdered Sugar

Here’s another easy powdered sugar plate trick. Cover half the plate with a sheet of paper and place an apple slicer so it’s half on the paper and half off. Then, sprinkle an even layer of powdered sugar. Remove the slicer and the paper to reveal a fun little design. You can add even more flare bu placing fruit around the edges.

Fancy Eggs

We’re always looking for ways to make salads more fun to eat. In this fun trick, we see how to make deviled eggs look extra fancy. Simply tie some floss around a toothpick and stick the toothpick into the middle of the egg. Grab a hold of one end of the floss and make a zig-zag motion around the egg, ending up back at the toothpick. Carefully separate the two sides to reveal your fancy swirled egg!

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