Pizza Hut Debuts Nashville Hot Wings That Will Set Your Mouth On Fire

The true lovers of hot wings know that everyone has a different definition when it comes to spicy. There are some “hot” wings that barely even register on the spicy scale. Meanwhile, there are other hot wings that will have you screaming at the top of your lungs and wondering how you could ever make such a horrible decision.

Pizza Hut has added hot wings to the menu and they are not just any hot wings. They are Nashville hot wings! Seasoned hot wing lovers are sure to recognize this flavor. The southern heat and Nashville inspired spice is sure to be a major game-changer for Pizza Hut diners. Cayenne pepper sauce is used to top the wings. The wings are meant to hit that perfect sweet spot between tangy and sweet.

Once Pizza Hut made its official Twitter announcement, the Internet began to rejoice. The 10-second ad that came with the tweet was heavy on the fire-related imagery, hinting at the level of spice. Pizza Hut is also offering spicy wing lovers the chance to enjoy their Buffalo Burnin’ Hot flavor. It is supposed to be spicy enough to make the lips go numb.

Pizza Hut swears up and down that you are going to be feeling the burn. We cannot wait to try these out for ourselves. Don’t be a wimp and embrace the heat. These are the same Pizza Hut wings that you have always loved but now they just so happen to be a little bit hotter. Nashville hot wings are available as boneless, or you can go traditional if that’s what you’re into.

These wings are not going to be on the menu permanently. It is a limited time only deal, so be sure to act fast. Take a moment to pass this promotion along to all of the fellow hot wing lovers in your life as well. You do not want them to miss out on this “fire” promotion.

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