You Can Now Eat ‘Pizza’ Flavored Candy Canes

Labor Day has just come and gone, signaling the end of the summer season. Now we can look forward to everything being about fall and all the holidays that will follow. While we are up to eye eyeballs with pumpkin spice everything, there are other flavors that we associate with this festive time of year. For example, the most popular for Christmas is candy canes.

Photo: McPhee

However, the childhood treat is getting somewhat of a makeover from the mad minds at Archie McPhee’s who only last year brought to life macaroni and cheese candy canes.

But now, this year we can look forward to another one of their crazy concoctions: pizza candy canes. Yes, that is correct. The set of six is available for just $6 and are perfect for that pizza lover in your life.

Photo: McPhee

According to Archie McPhee’s own description of their product, these candy canes are “like a little slice of Italian-spiced heaven, allegedly cooked in a candy-fired oven by Sicilian elves,” however, this quickly gets contradicted when they say they’re “not baked in a wood fire oven.”

Photo: McPhee

There is not a whole lot of detail regarding the exact flavor of the candy canes other than saying they’re “pizza flavoring.” This still leaves us with many questions, primarily does that entail plain cheese pizza or pizza with toppings?

If these savory candy canes are too tame for you, Archie McPhee’s does do other flavors, some of which would work for the upcoming holiday season. For example, there are kale candy canes, which feature “the bitter grassiness of your favorite vegetable,” and “hamdy canes,” which are so terrifying of a concept I don’t even want to think about what that could possibly mean.

So, if during the holiday season you’ve got a secret Santa at work for which you need to get a gift, consider these. Although I am not sure if the gift will be received very well. Happy Holidays.

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