You Can Soon Get Ice Cream Inspired By “The Incredibles” And “Monsters Inc.”

Disney and Pixar movies are timeless. Some ebb and flow in popularity, with remakes, memes, songs, and new off-shoots creating excitement and buzz. As for Monsters, Inc. and The Incredibles? They seem destined to stay popular for all eternity.

In fact, these two movies are now receiving their very own ice cream dedications. Instagram account, Candyhunting, spread the word recently and shared pictures of the aesthetically pleasing tubs. The movie characters are front and center on the packaging, making it obvious it’s Monsters, Inc and The Incredibles. Best of all, each ice cream tub comes filled with all kinds of cookies.

The Incredibles ice cream is known as Jack-Jack Cookie Crumble. If you are familiar with the movie, this flavor makes total sense. The little boy in The Incredibles is named Jack-Jack and he’s head over heels for chocolate chip cookies. Chocolate pieces and chocolate cookie swirl are used to augment the delicious chocolate and vanilla light ice cream base.

Monsters, Inc. ice cream incorporates cookies as well, but the connection is not nearly as clear in these instances. However, we are not going to question them on this. We want the cookies, thanks. This one is called Cookies and Scream. The vanilla light ice cream base comes adorned with chocolate cookie pieces, chocolate Mike and Sulley pieces, and fudge swirls.

These ice creams were first spotted at Meijer. Edy’s and Dreyer’s are responsible for bringing them to the masses. These brands are responsible for the Lucky Charms and Cinnamon Toast Crunch ice cream that you may have been seeing in stores as of late. While the weather might not be conducive to eating ice cream at the moment, these ice creams are the perfect companion for your next Disney/Pixar movie marathon.

Fans of both films are sure to love these ice creams, that’s for sure. We’re going to wait for the weather to heat up before digging in. In the meantime, who is ready to snuggle up and watch some Disney movies?

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