This Will Forever Change The Way You Eat Pineapples

Who doesn’t love pineapples? They are tropical, tangy, and oh so refreshing. Plus, they go with just about everything. There are not many foods that can be made into a dessert as well as top a pizza, but pineapple truly does it all.

Perhaps the only downside to pineapples is how notoriously difficult they can be to cut up. Luckily, we’ve found an amazing food hack to help you get the most out of your pineapple!

In order for this trick to work, you’re going to need a very ripe pineapple. You can tell a pineapple’s ripeness from the color. Green pineapples are not ripe, while the golden hue that is more associated with pineapples means that the pineapple is nice a ripe.

Start by cutting a zigzag line around the top of the pineapple, cutting along the little sections you see in the pineapple.

Then, just pop the top off! This will reveal the inside of the pineapple in all of its juicy, tangy glory.

Next, roll the pineapple to loosen up all the little sections inside. The next part will totally blow your mind!

Once you’ve rolled the pineapple, set it up on a flat surface and push on the little secions with your thumb. Watch as each little chunk of pineapple pops right out, ready for you snack on!

Isn’t this such a cool way to eat a pineapple? This method works because pineapples are made up of dozens of individual fruits – that’s right, each little section is technically a “berry.” Get more info on picking the right pineapple, as well as a more in-depth tutorial on how to eat pineapple in the video below!

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