Fanta Is Releasing A Pina Colada-Flavored Soda And It’ll Pair Well With Booze

Now that we live in a world where seltzer is king, the soda companies are trying their absolute best to maintain the proper level of relevancy. Fanta has been paying close attention and they are about to offer a game-changing flavor. The Piña Colada sodas are on the verge of making their way into our fridge and we cannot wait. They are perfect in every way.

You can either enjoy them as is or use them as a means of upgrading your adult beverages. We cannot wait to spike ours and we’ll ask you, politely, to mind your business. Candyhunting tracked down the sodas and we are happy to report that they are already making their way to store shelves. Take a closer look at your local grocery store and let us know what you find.

The beverage is clear, surprisingly. We would have expected a more exotic coloration, but it’s okay with us. There is something about a Piña Colada that hits a bit different than the average soda. Fanta is one soda company that knows the way to everyone’s heart.

According to the label, the sodas are made with 100 percent natural flavoring. We are not quite sure what the sodas are going to taste like, but we would be shocked if they were anything less than delicious. Are they going to taste like coconut or pineapple? We cannot wait to find out. When it comes to new sodas, we have not been this excited to try out a new one in a serious minute.

Photo: Fanta

In a perfect world, these sodas would split the difference between the two aforementioned flavors. The number of options that you are going to have for spiking them is endless. Maybe you’re someone who likes rum or perhaps you are looking for something with a bit more kick to it? The choice is yours and the world is certainly your oyster in this regard.

If you’re a day one Fanta fan, you are going to want to grab as many of these as possible. We are not sure if these drinks are going to be a permanent addition to your local store’s shelves, so don’t be shy about snatching them up. Don’t make the mistake of waiting to get your Fanta on.

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