Starbucks Is Launching A Phantom Frappuccino Just In Time For Halloween

Just to be clear, this isn’t another secret menu item that we’ve been writing about. This is an official drink that is only available in Europe for just five days, starting October 26.

The new drink is called the Phantom Frappuccino and it’s totally black with some green “slime” lining the walls of the cup.

The ingredients in the drink kinda took us off guard – We for sure through it was gonna be chocolate or charcoal-based but it is actually fruitier. It is made with coconut milk, mango, and pineapple essence, along with Starbucks crème Frappuccino syrup. It comes with “lime slime” made from spirulina extract, charcoal powder, and lime/lemon juice and has an option to be topped with dark whipped cream made from coconut milk and black charcoal powder.

The drink is already making its way around social media and we can’t help but be jealous. It is getting a ton of love from vegans since it is completely free of animal products.

If you’re already planning to take a trip to Europe, you should definitely make a pitstop at a Starbucks.

We think in about a week we will be writing about a barista that knocked off the spooky creation in the USA.

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