This Chocolate “Perfect Man” Ornament Is The Perfect Secret Santa Gift

If you are anything like us, you probably wish that the Christmas ornaments of your youth were not so dusty. The Christmas ornaments of old tended to be kind of boring, we’re not going to lie to you. While we are sure that there is some sentimental value to the ornaments of your childhood, we are glad to see that some people are willing to step outside of the box.

Now, you will have the chance to bring home the prototypical Perfect Man. Best of all, this man comes in the form of chocolate. The @threesnackateers account is responsible for spotting him and we are highly intrigued. This buff man is able to walk around without his shirt on and the shorts and Santa hat make the ensemble complete. This is your chance to delete your Tinder app once and for all.

There’s no need to keep swiping now that the perfect man is in your life. He’s here to answer all of your prayers. This little man can be purchased at your local Walgreens and best of all, he can be had on the cheap. This fellow can come home with you for the low, low price of $12.95. The comments on the initial Instagram post are absolutely priceless and we can’t stop laughing.

Let’s just say that some people had a clear case of buyer’s remorse after passing him up. Why would anyone ever resist the chance to bring the perfect man home? It is beyond our comprehension! If there is no Walgreens in your area, do not fret. You can simply head to the Wal-Mart website when it comes time to make your purchase.

The packaging is making us laugh, too. You can meet this man under the mistletoe anytime. No one is sure if he’s actually supposed to be placed on the tree but we are willing to give it a shot. He might not survive if he is placed close to the lights on the tree, because of the heat. Tread lightly so that your perfect man does not have the chance to melt, trust us on this one.

When you are searching for the perfect man this holiday season, the good folks at Wal-Mart and Walgreens have certainly got you covered. If you know someone who is having trouble finding the perfect man this holiday season, this is your chance to pass this story along. Your friends and loved ones are certainly going to appreciate it.

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