Peeps Is Releasing Marshmallow-Flavored Jelly Beans For Easter

Do you feel what we are feeling? It’s Peeps season and we have Peeps fever! Easter is just around the corner and we cannot wait to see what the good folks at Peeps have in store for us. Valentine’s Day has come and gone, so that means it’s time to focus on the next big candy holiday: Easter.

Peeps jelly beans are making a splash, thanks to Instagram user @JunkFoodOnTheGo!

The Peeps Jelly Beans are slightly different from last year’s edition. All of the fruit flavors are now given the chance to exist together, in perfect harmony. That’s that the way it should be. Best of all, they were initially spotted at a Big Lots location. Make sure that your pantry is ready. Sometimes scored for $1 apiece, you are going to be able to stockpile these jelly beans for as long as you want.

Even if you don’t love jelly beans, Peeps is here to provide any number of additional items as well. Do you love the idea of Peeps coffee creamer? Or maybe you’re more of a Hot Tamales guy? Either way, these guys have got your back. There is no shortage of delicious Peeps items for all of us to enjoy this year.

If you go directly to the source, Peeps and Company, the Peeps Jelly Beans are actually sold out. Check back to see when they restock or visit your local Big Lots to score some.

Peeps also offer Funko figures and stuffed animals for all of the Easter shoppers out there. Whether you are looking to bolster your own collection or find an excellent Easter gift, you’d better get on it. Before you know it, Easter is going to be here and you don’t wanna miss out on all of the fun.

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