Crocs Designed Peeps-Themed Clogs Just In Time For Easter

Crocs and Peeps may not seem like an obvious combo. But, they’re more alike than you may realize. For starters, they each have their own legion of haters and their own raging fan base. Crocs and Peeps are some of the most polarizing items on the planet, and there are very few people who feel lukewarm about either of them.

Because of that, their latest collaboration is sure to shake the crowds. The Crocs brand recently announced the pairing: they are going to be offering clogs that come with a Peeps theme. Of course, this collaboration is going to be in stores just in time for Easter.

They will come in three different colors: pink, yellow, and blue. They also come with specialized charms, or jibbitz, that are designed to make your Crocs truly pop. The large Peeps placed atop the Crocs are attention-grabbing and a great conversation starter.

The new shoes are selling out in all three colors. As they’re allegedly a limited-edition item just for Easter, if you want a pair you’ll need to act fast. You can order a pair here for $49.99 ($39.99 for kid’s sizes). Are you going to rock these at your next Easter gathering?

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