They Company Makes Ice Cream With A Secret Serving Of Vegetables, But You Can’t Taste Them

Food brands seem to be in secret competition with one another to see if they can smuggle some healthy items into the mix without anyone being the wiser. We have now reached a place where granola bars contain unexpected fruits and vegetables. Ice cream is even being made with cauliflower and spinach, believe it or not. Those previous sentences are not typos, by the way.

Jessica Levison is an ice cream maker from Florida who decided that she would do everything in her power to smuggle some new and interesting foods into the mix. She asked herself one key question along the way: wouldn’t it be awesome if our vegetables tasted like ice cream? Once she reached this epiphany, it was time to start playing around with various recipes.

After some experimentation, she landed on a few different flavors that seemed to work well. These classic flavors allow us to enjoy vegetables, without actually enjoying vegetables. This is something that we cannot get over. It is like one of our longest held childhood dreams is finally coming true. Jessica was smart enough to choose vegetables that have a milder flavor to them.

Photo: Peekaboo

According to Jessica, you are not even going to be able to taste the veggies in these flavors. The chocolate ice cream contains cauliflower and there is even a cotton candy flavor that comes with beet flavoring. We cannot believe what we are seeing but who are we to judge? It will take a few tastes before we are able to make any determinations on quality.

You know how it goes when it comes to ice cream. There is never going to be enough to go around. Spinach might not seem like the most obvious ice cream flavor but you have yet to taste Jessica’s mint chip. Carrots are stashed inside of the strawberry ice cream and the vanilla flavor has plenty of zucchini. The ice cream has yet to made available in stores, though.

In the meantime, Peekaboo Ice Cream can be purchased online for $8 a pint.

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