Parents Are Smudging Foods That Look Like Poop On Their Children For A Viral Challenge

Now that many of us are stuck indoors for an extended period of time, we are struggling to pass the time. Parents who are now stuck with their children until the next school year begins are doing their best to find activities. Their fresh takes on the usual parties are giving us life, but parents with little kids at home can still struggle to remain entertained in the meantime.

That’s where the “poop challenge” comes into play. This challenge has been trending on Twitter, as parents share hilarious results. It is a very simple concept. Parents who are sitting on the toilet will call their children into the bathroom to bring them another roll of toilet paper. Once the children arrive with the fresh roll, the trickery begins.

Parents use peanut butter or chocolate pudding to make their children believe that they smeared poop onto their hands while handing off the toilet paper. The exchanges are recorded on their phones and the results have been tremendous. Anyone who could use a laugh right now would do well to check out the clips that have currently been circulating. If you are thinking that these types of pranks are too silly or gross to be enjoyable, we are here to tell you otherwise.

We had a certain level of skepticism before the videos started circulating. Now, we are convinced that this challenge is pure genius. Those who need to lift their spirits are urged to head to Twitter to find out more. The #poopchallenge hashtag is here and it is spectacular. We have been killing lots of time with this hashtag and we suspect that you will end up doing so as well.

Some of the children are absolutely shocked. It is easy to see why they are so mortified. What child could possibly expect something like this to take place? Once the children see the brown smear on their own hands, the reactions are absolutely priceless. It’s a good thing that we don’t have anything to do right now because we are wasting a lot of time watching these clips!

Many of the children have wholesome reactions to the smearing, too. One little girl even reassured her mother, letting her know that she is “always never mad” at her. Meanwhile, other children seemed to know that they were being used as a prop for a prank. They were not as easy to fool. Kids these days! They are really starting to get too smart for us.

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