Pabst Blue Ribbon Is Selling A 99-Pack Of Beer

PBR is selling a 99-pack, seven-foot-long box containing a mix of ABV ranges from the light PBR Easy to Original PBR to the higher-strength PBR Extra. The only problem is that finding one of these PBR packages is hard since they are only available in 15 states.

MGM Wine & Spirits in Mankato, Minnesota, went viral this week on Facebook when they posted about their “Limited Edition Family Pack” of PBR featuring 99 cans in a mix of Pabst Blue Ribbon varieties. According to KEYC News, the $59.99 packs sold out in under 24 hours.

It turns out that a 99-pack of beer isn’t something PBR came up with. Texas-based craft brewer Austin Beerworks claims to have invented the 99-pack, which they said weighs 82 pounds, back in 2014.

You can pick up a case if you live in Texas, Massachusetts, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Florida, New York, South Carolina, Montana, Vermont, California, Wisconsin, Iowa, Arkansas, or Colorado.

The 99-packs are popping up in more states so please comment below if you find one!

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