Our Top 10 Favorite Potato Recipes

As you probably already know, we really love potatoes. It’s easy to relate, right?? They’re just so good! Regardless of whether they’re mashed, fried, or roasted, we can’t get enough yummy spuds, and we’re always on the hunt for new and delicious recipes, giving us new ways to enjoy our favorite ingredient. We’ve tried dozens of different recipes that include add-ins like cinnamon, cheese, ham, and of course, plenty of butter. If you love potatoes as much as we do, you’ll love this list of recipes!

Ham & Cheese Hasselback Potatoes

When you think of ham and cheese, you probably think of it between two slices of bread, but I can promise you that a potato is an equally great vehicle for the classic combo. In these Ham & Cheese Hasselback Potatoes, slices of ham and cheddar are tucked into countless slices of a fluffy russet, brushed with butter and baked until everything is golden brown and melty. They don’t take much time or effort, but they’re an utterly delicious – if not unique – way to satisfy a meat and potato craving. Get our recipe here!

Cheesy Mississippi Mud Potatoes

These start with plenty of peeled, diced potatoes – about seven cups – that go into a casserole dish with some grated cheddar cheese, bacon, green onion, and garlic salt. That all gets mixed together with some mayo, which brings everything together and lends plenty of creaminess. Get the recipe here!

Super Crispy Smashed Potatoes

The first time I made smashed potatoes, I fell instantly in love with them. Honestly, I felt a little upset with myself that I hadn’t discovered the cooking method sooner. See, I love potatoes in all forms; I love them when they’re crispy, I love them when they’re soft and fluffy… You get the idea. But with this method, you get to have it all. You get a potato with a tender, fluffy interior surrounded by plenty of crispy-crunchy edges. It satisfies all your potato needs. And it doesn’t hurt that they’re also super easy to make. Get our recipe here!

Garlic Butter Steak & Potato Bites

These herby steak and potato bites have quickly become my favorite go-to meal when a meat and potatoes craving strikes. It’s a quick twenty-minute skillet meal where the steak comes out tender and the potatoes lightly crisped and every bite is cloaked in herbalicious, garlicky, buttery flavor. Quick, delicious meat and potatoes in one pan… who can argue with that? Get the recipe here!

Cream Cheese Mashed Potatoes

Creamy Mashed Cauliflower with Melted Butter and Green Onions

We’ve tried what seems like every variety of mashed potatoes under the sun, be they with heavy cream, half and half, sour cream or just tons and tons of butter, but it wasn’t until recently that we realized we were missing a huge ingredient that could be a game changer in our tots. Cream cheese. We’re not sure how or why it took us so long to realize that we desperately needed to incorporate these into our potato game, but once we did, we were thrilled with the results. Get the recipe here!

Funeral Potatoes

The name “funeral potatoes” may sound a bit grim, this vintage casserole dish has brought joy to many a table with its comforting presence. Cheesy, creamy funeral potatoes are classic comfort food that’s meant to be shared. Get our recipe here!

Deviled Potatoes

At pretty much every party you go to, you’re bound to see a platter of deviled eggs. They’ve been a classic appetizer for decades after all. We took some inspiration from that classic and went for an appetizer with a little more of a comfort food spin – Deviled Potatoes! They’re a unique and modern take on a timeless app and they’re packed with flavor. Get our recipe here!

Crispy Cinnamon Potatoes

Crispy cinnamon potatoes – they’ve got a healthy dose of cinnamon and a pinch of sugar, along with your expected salt and pepper to pump up the general flavor. If you’re thinking it sounds like this dish would be too sweet, you’ll be happy to find that it strikes the perfect balance. Yes, you can taste a bit of the sugar, but it’s definitely not a sweet recipe, and the sugar is really there just to complement the cinnamon. Get our recipe here!

Olive Garden Roasted Potatoes

Fresh potatoes with corn girts in caserole dish, readi for baking in oven; close-up;

These potatoes are cheesy and crispy on the outside, and full of creamy potato goodness on the inside. We weren’t quite sure we could mimic that type of deliciousness at home, but this copycat version is almost exact, and the addition of Parmesan cheese really takes things up a notch. Get the recipe here!

Crispy Parmesan Sheet Potatoes

We’ve had our fair share of potatoes, really just about any way we can get them – baked, mashed, fried, etc. – but we’d never had them like this before until recently. While there might seem like a bunch of ingredients involved, this recipe could not be simpler; the genius of this dish is that the tots bake perfectly into the parmesan, and a perfect, golden, caramelized crust forms. You need to try these to see what we’re talking about…they’re so good! Get our recipe here!

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