Oreo Is Releasing New Limited-Edition ‘Trolls’ Cookies That Are Filled With Glitter

New Oreo flavors are always a cause for celebration. When we get the chance to enjoy TWO new flavors? We are downright giddy. That’s why you’ll need to prepare for jubilation. Oreo is about to release two limited-edition flavors that have been created in honor of the latest installment in the Trolls franchise. Trolls World Tour is currently playing at a theater near you and thanks to them, we get to enjoy these two new Oreo cookies.

Pop Troll Tiny Diamond and Queen Poppy have inspired these flavors. The Queen Poppy cookies are a gorgeous pink, as you would have expected. They are made of Golden Oreos and come with a pink creme (as well as glitter). These cookies were already spotted in stores awhile back but now they are making their way back. Best of all, they are going to be accompanied by another new flavor.

The cookies inspired by Pop Troll Tiny Diamond are your classic chocolate Oreo. However, they do come with excellent embellishments. The interior of the cookie is filled with popping candy, green creme, and yes, glitter. The cookies even have cassette tape symbols on them but it remains to be seen as to whether the kids of today will have any clue what they are.

Each of these packs comes with three different designs that have been specifically tailored to each of the characters. On Instagram, you have the chance to enjoy an interactive experience that features dancing characters from the movie! All you need to do is scan the cookies on the pack itself and follow the helpful filter guide that has been provided by Instagram. These cookies are already in stores but you’ll need to act quickly since they’re limited-editions.

How often are you going to have the chance to enjoy Oreo cookies that come with glitter on the inside? It’s not an opportunity that you are going to want to miss out on, and they are the perfect snack to take with you when it is time to head to the next Trolls screening.

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