Oreo-Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

Autumn is easily the best time of year for baking, especially since it leads into the holiday season, which is baked treat galore. If you think you’ve seen all the possible baked goods recipes, then think again. There is a recipe out there for Oreo-stuffed chocolate chip cookies that will make you want to fire up your oven immediately.

The recipe, which comes from Picky Palate, provides you with clear cut instructions on how to elevate your regular chocolate chip cookies by infusing the cookie dough with Oreos before baking.

If you still need convincing that these mouthwatering cookies should be the next thing you bake, just watch the Instagram video below by Picky Palate:

In order to achieve this level of decadence, you’ll be requiring all the classic ingredients for chocolate chip cookies like butter, light brown sugar, flour, and vanilla extract – all which go into the dough. After you mix them together, you’ll want to take two balls of dough and wedge an Oreo in between them. Then, you smush them together until the Oreo is no longer visible. After, you pop them into the oven to bake like normal. It’s really that simple!

If you’re not confident you can do it and would like a more in-depth set of instructions, check out this detailed video from Picky Palate’s YouTube channel below:

Once you’ve become the master of the Oreo and chocolate chip combination, the possibilities are endless. You can literally stuff an Oreo into any kind of cookie dough you want.

If you like to dip your Oreos into peanut butter, then you might want to check out Carl’s Bad Cravings recipe on how to make peanut butter cookies stuffed with Oreos. If that recipe sounds divine, note that they’re also sprinkled with a little sea salt – yum!

Of course, the end results look just as wonderful as the description sounds:

If you want to get even more experimental, you can look at this Oreo-stuffed peppermint cookie recipe from I Am Baker. It combines Oreos into peppermint chocolate chip cookies in order to create your newest addiction.

Photo: I Am Baker

And just think, with all the different flavors of Oreos as well as flavors of cookie dough out there, your baking possibilities are endless!

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