Oreo-Flavored Lip Balm Is Here To Make Your Mouth Salivate

Once wintertime is upon us, the relentless grind can leave us feeling worn down and out of sorts. This often extends to our skincare. Did you know that the lips are a crucial aspect of skincare, though? That’s what makes this new lip balm so special. This Oreo-flavored version comes in its own unique container that will definitely appeal to those who love these cookies.

Snackbetch has rapidly become one of our favorite Instagram accounts and she is the one responsible for spreading the word. If you are looking to take home some for yourself, you will need to head to your local IT’SUGAR. The container twists open easily and will have your lips tasting like the cookies you know and love. Why didn’t someone think of this awesome idea a bit earlier?

We could have used this lip balm ages ago. One of the most common complaints that we have about the lip balms that are available is that they don’t taste good. If something is going to go on your lips, it shouldn’t taste terrible, right? Thankfully, this Oreo-flavored lip balm has saved the day. The happy comments on the original Instagram post say it all.

Everyone is in love with this idea. We are excited to have the chance to take our Oreos with us from now on. The container is designed to match the size of the actual cookie. Once you have used all of the lip balm that is inside, you now have access to an awesome storage container. This allows you to store an Oreo in your purse for safekeeping.

The choice is yours and the world is your oyster. If you are going to be shopping at IT’SUGAR anytime soon, you are also free to check out all of their other options. You are not limited to Oreos alone when you head to these locations. From the looks of the photo that was posted, you can also find a lip balm that is Swedish Fish flavored, and Airheads are also available.

The number of options that are on hand is overwhelming. That’s why you need to share this story with your closest friends and loved ones. That way, all of you can select your own and take turns sharing….if you’re into that sort of thing. If you are anything like us, you will probably be telling all of your friends and loved ones to head to IT’SUGAR themselves. Get your own, dang it!

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