Oreo Releases A Heart-Shaped Dunking Kit For Valentine’s Day

The good folks at Oreo have been providing dunking kits for some time now. We must admit that the OG kit that was released two years ago was a major hit in our household. They have really done their best to simplify the process. No more cold, wet fingers or overly soggy cookies here! Thanks to their innovations, we are now able to dunk with ease and precision.

In case you missed out on the last couple of dunking kits that Oreo released, they are providing a new and improved version. In fact, it is going to be released just in time for Valentine’s Day. The kit that was just released for the holiday season is now going to be offered in Valentine’s form. All of the romantics out there can now unite and enjoy Oreos in the manner in which they were intended.

This is the best way to celebrate a day of love. We cannot wait to get our hands on this kit ourselves. It will make for a great addition to any household, that is for sure. This Dunk Set comes with tongs and Oreo branded glass mugs. Now, you will be able to enjoy Valentine’s Day and keep your hands clean at the same time. What is not to love here?

Photo: Oreo

Is this kit not festive enough for you? Wait, there’s more to the story. It also comes with a caddy that is shaped like a heart. The caddy has tiny clips that can be used to attach your mug to your significant other’s. We are not sure why anyone would want to be this close to another person when they are in the process of enjoying cookies and milk.

To each their own, though! All jokes aside, this is a lovely Valentine’s Day idea. For some of us, this dunk kit speaks directly to our hearts. If your love language is cookies, this is the best gift that you can possibly receive. The kit’s mugs have been branded with special messaging, too. One mug says “you’re the milk” and the other one says “to my cookies”.

If that isn’t the most adorable thing in the world, we do not know what is! Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and you are going to want to make sure that you have the proper gift on hand. Best of all, these kits are available at your local Wal-Mart and can be purchased for the low, low price of $18.

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