Oreo Dunk Kits Are Coming Back Just In Time For The Holidays

I like to call myself somewhat of an Oreo connoisseur. It takes a skilled hand and timing to make sure you get the perfect milk to Oreo ratio with each bite.

For those out there that weren’t born with these types of skills can now purchase an Oreo dunking kit this holiday season thanks to Walmart.

Yes, even you can dunk like a pro!

Photo: Amazon

According to a press release: “This item was nearly impossible to find last year after customers went crazy for it!”

The set includes 13 cookies, two glass mugs, two special tongs, two cookie dispensers, and napkins. It has everything an Oreo-lover could want all bundled up into the perfect package.

The tongs are a new addition and allow you to grip your cookie as you dip it into your glass without having to get your gross fingers in the milk. This also makes it great for sharing as long as nobody double dips.

Photo: Oreo

The kits have been available at Walmart since November 1st and cost $17.98 a piece. We think they make a great gift for the cookie lover in your life – this could also be you ;).

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