5 Online Fitness Classes You Can Do In Your Living Room

We live in a different world these days. Social distancing and fears over COVID-19 have fueled a new reality for many of us. There are even quarantines that are keeping millions of Americans home. There comes a time when we suddenly realize that we can either fall into old practices or take the bull by the horns and do something about our lives.

Across the country, fitness centers and gyms are closing down so it might cause you to wonder how you are going to keep track of your health. Fortunately, the challenges being met by many in the health industry thanks to online exercise options. You can take advantage of these from home.

A number of fitness options are available and if you choose the right one for yourself, you might just find that now is the best time to get in shape.

1. Planet Fitness

Even though the fitness club has closed their doors temporarily, their online “Home Work-Ins” are still available. The 20-minute workouts are being posted on Facebook Live and those sessions are being led by trainers along with a surprise celebrity guest here and there.

Join The Biggest Loser trainer Erica Lugo as she leads a Planet Fitness Home Work-in for everyone! Working out is more…

Posted by Planet Fitness on Wednesday, March 18, 2020

2. Blink Fitness

This Gym has also decided to close down for the time being, but at 8 AM Monday through Friday, they are offering daily virtual workouts. These online video sessions provide motivating tips and answer some of your questions about fitness.

Join us live at 8 am Monday – Friday as we host virtual workouts, dish out tips to stay motivated, and answer your fitness questions. Together, we’re virtually unstoppable!

Posted by Blink Fitness on Wednesday, March 18, 2020

3. Rumble

We now are entering an age of “social fitnessing” and this gym has done their part to step up to the plate. They talk about their “Rumble-inspired, cardio & bodyweight workouts (NO equipment necessary‼) for you to do at home” in an Instagram post and are on Instagram Live daily.

4. Ally Mortensen

This yoga teacher offers a number of online classes you can find almost any time of the week. She shared a schedule recently on Instagram.

“I am beyond excited to make this a part of our regular schedule during this time of chaos and uncertainty,” she wrote. “ALL LEVELS WELCOMED! I’ll be offering multiple layers to all exercises to make this accessible for you to do with those you are quarantined with!”

Some of the class options include yoga warmup, HIIT circuits (high-intensity interval training), and yoga cool-down.

5. Orangetheory

This fitness club is based in Florida and they have closed their studios for now while the coronavirus is spreading. They are still offering 30 minute workouts online that you can access on YouTube and their website. Here is an example of how they work.

Just because you’re sheltering in place does not mean you need to put on 10 pounds in the process. Take advantage of the time you’re spending at home and get in the best shape of your life.

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