Hilarious One-Star Reviews Of Landmarks That Prove You Just Can’t Please Everyone

You know the old saying, “You can’t please everyone.” Well, apparently that rule applies to famous landmarks and Mother Nature herself! While most people agree that the Grand Canyon is absolutely breathtaking, with views that make you question your place in the universe, there are some people who say, “Whoopity do, Grand Canyon. You are a giant hole in the ground. Can you say ‘overrated?'” Yup. Some people really just don’t know when to keep quiet. These hilarious “one-star” reviews of landmarks and national parks will surely bring a smile to your face, and possibly make you question why certain people feel the need to give their unwanted opinion. Enjoy!

The Grand Canyon

one star reviews 1

“I went there from Vegas for a few hours… Nothing special.”

“Seeing the cannyon in person is about as good as seeing pictures. In fact, the pictures may even be better.”

“Whoopity do, Grand Canyon. You are a giant hole in the ground. You were caused be erosion. You don’t have roller coasters or dippin’ dots. Jeeesh. Can you say ‘overrated?'”

The Louvre


“After 30 years of thinking about going to The Louvre, I finally decided to go for a visit. What a let down. Not interesting at all.”

“What an unpleasant museum experience. Too many tourists.”

“One of the worst museums I’ve ever had the displeasure to visit. Never again!”

“I’d rather go to a busy supermarket on a Saturday afternoon.”

Whizzco for LPE