One Rubber Band Can Totally Change Your Workout Routine

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One of our favorite pieces of workout equipment is as light as a feather: a resistance band. This unassuming little band is going to transform your workout routine. It makes already challenging moves even more so by adding resistance, which increases your effort and improves strength.

Resistance bands are no stranger to the fitness and physical therapy world. Athletes have used various forms of resistance bands to help with a wide variety of training exercises. And they’re often used in physical therapy as a treatment program for rebuilding strength due to injury or weakness. Resistance bands are super easy to use and can be incorporated into your regular fitness routine, paired with a few simple moves.

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There are several different types of resistance bands to choose from, and they come in a range of tensions, from very light to extra strong, so you can choose your level of resistance based on your needs.

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Our hips are often a weak area, this is due to our largely sedentary lifestyles. We spend hours at work sitting at our desks, sitting in our car or on the train during our commutes, and then sitting when we get home at the end of the day. Resistance bands offer us a really easy way to start working on strengthening the all-important hip area, building core strength and improving balance.

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Resistance bands help us to work out every part of the body: arms, legs, abs – you name it, these bands can help you get a full body workout without big, clunky gym equipment. Check out our video for 15 Resistance Band Exercises that you can start doing right away.

Another awesome advantage of the loop band is that it travels easily, so there is no excuse for skipping your workout. We can turn virtually any location into a gym, including our couch or desk. Incorporate a couple of these resistance band exercises into your next binge watching, couch surfing session to catch up on your shows and squeeze in a quick workout. At the office, a resistance band can offer you a much needed break from the computer screen; many of these movements can be adapted into a desk-friendly workout.

Join “the resistance” and get a set of loop bands as a part of your fitness arsenal. They offer convenience and just the right amount of challenge to help you stay on track with your fitness goals.

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