12 Old-fashioned Uniforms That Are More Put Together Than Anything Today

Even if you love the more relaxed way we dress to go to work these days, you have to admit there’s something about these photos that is really quite appealing! All of these folks look so put together and we think the uniforms are a big part of that.


This Dutch bellhop’s uniform rivals Josephine Baker’s elegant clothing! Photo from 1956. Via/ Flickr


1950s train porter serving drinks in a sleeper car. Via/ Flickr


Waitress in 1940, New York City. Via/ NYPL Digital Collections


Waitress in 1948. Via/ Flickr

Library of Congress

Gas station attendant in 1942. Via/ Library of Congress


1970 uniforms for the flight attendants of the National Airways Corporation in New Zealand. Via/ Flickr

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