8 Old Cooking Tools Disappearing From Modern Kitchens

Jar Openers

You don’t see these jar openers very often, and it’s a shame; they’re extremely handy (no pun intended). As we get older, opening those tightly-sealed jars gets tougher and tougher. With this handy device, you can adjust the clamps to any size of jar, and you have an easy-grip handle to twist! We still have one, and it’s one of our favorite gadgets.


Flour Sifters

While flour is still sold in relatively large sacks, back in the day the containers were even larger than they are now! All of that flour would eventually become packed pretty tightly. Running flour through the sifter would help aerate it, making it lighter and easier to mix; perfect for making bread for that fancy toaster!


There are so many kitchen gadgets on the market today, many of which are still hand-powered but not nearly as useful as the old-fashioned ones. Cooking today doesn’t mean quite the same thing as it did 70 years ago and our kitchen tools show it! What tools do you remember using or seeing your mom use that we no longer keep around? Let us know in the comments below.

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