8 Old Cooking Tools Disappearing From Modern Kitchens

Hand Egg Beaters

Who else remembers getting a sore arm from whipping egg whites or cream with a hand-crank egg beater? Almost universally replaced by electric mixers these days, there are those of us who miss using this one! It was kind of fun!

Cruet Servers

Not everyone had a set as fancy as this, but most people used to have something like this. Before a wide variety of sauces and salad dressings appeared at the supermarket, oil & vinegar on the table was often the dressing of the day. A set like this would surely have taken pride of place on the table!

Sugar Tongs

Tea parties and even casual afternoon tea were once fairly common. If you served sugar cubes you needed tongs to serve them. Refined but also practical, the clean transfer of cubes reduces waste.

Forgotten kitchen tools of the past

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