Old Fashioned Dating Etiquette That Many Today Have Forgotten

6) And Ask When She Should Be Home

It also a good move for the man to ask the parents when his date should be home by and then really stick to that. This showed that he had everyone’s best interest at heart.

5) Applying Makeup Was Not OK

It was once considered quite rude to apply makeup in public, hence the practice of leaving the table to “go powder your nose.” This might not have been a deal breaker for the man, but most women were very discreet about how and when they applied their makeup while they were on a date.

4) Let the Man Order

It was customary for men to do the ordering for their date, either boldly assuming what she liked or discussing it with her before the waiter reached the table. It seems like a million years ago now!

3) The Small Matter of the Bill

When the bill came the man was supposed to pay for it. Going dutch wasn’t a common thing until the 1960s-70s and before that the women were not supposed to have to pay for anything on a date, ever.

2) Help Her Out

The man pushing the chair in or helping his date on with her coat was always appreciated. Gentlemen also opened doors for ladies.

1) Don’t Expect a Kiss

Years ago, especially on a first date, the expectation of a kiss was pretty unrealistic. Most young ladies would have been embarrassed by this very brash move. It’s true that in the 1950s “necking” at Lover’s Lane type parks was common, but those usually weren’t first dates. Physicality was something that was nearly always saved for when they knew each other better. And, it would been extremely selfish for either to expect that a kiss was going to happen on date #1.

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