Old Fashioned Dating Etiquette That Many Today Have Forgotten

The dating game these days is a lot different than when the term “dating” was still new. There were rules of etiquette that most people just didn’t break for fear of being thought either rude or appearing “fast.” Have a look back at 11 pieces of dating etiquette that almost no one follows these days.

11) The Man Does the Asking

It was considered quite unusual for a woman to ask a man out for a date back in the old days. It might not seem like it makes much difference these days who does the asking, but decades ago it was a very big deal.

10) Answer Promptly

If someone asked a woman out she was supposed to answer quickly and not keep him in suspense.

9) Don’t Flake

It was considered extremely rude to flake or cancel unless there was a family emergency. For the most part dates were not loose plans, but very firm indeed. It was incredibly impolite to flake on your date.

8) Go to the Door

Staying in the car or meeting someplace wasn’t that common. Men got out of their cars and rang the doorbell.

7) Meet a Girl’s Parents Right Away

Today people can date for months or longer without meeting the parents. However, in the past it considered good form to pick the woman or girl up from her house and come to the door. Once there, meeting her parents (on the first date!) was the proper thing to do. It was comforting for the parents to understand who their daughter was out with.

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